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Tuesdays 10-7
Wednesdays 10-7
Thursdays 10-7

Occasional Mondays and Fridays 12-6

All Appointments booked online must be secured with a Credit Card. All Appointments are treated as appointment requests until confirmed by me.

Please note that NEW COLOR CLIENTS will be required to book a consultation either in person or virtually before booking a color appointment, this assures I will have what is needed on hand for your customized color service!

Color appointments are booked by the hour. To figure out how much time to book for, you can view my services page, or contact me!

I am only at Rebeltude Salon a couple days per month. If you wish to be seen at the salon, please contact me directly.

Online booking is for my Private Studio where I offer all services including cuts, color, extensions, facial waxing and nails.

I realize that many people expect to tip when they get their beauty services done. However, I do NOT expect you to tip.
I do not include tips as part of my expected income.
My credit card machine does not include a place to ask for a tip.
I keep a piggy bank (Disney Fund) on my station for those that just want to show appreciation in a monetary way, and it is much appreciated - however, I'm always happy to get a genuine hug or a great online review as well!

If you would like to contact me directly, please call or text me at (253) 225-4725.
Please note that I do not take Business calls/texts before 9am or after 8pm Mon-Friday and do not take business calls/texts on Sat/Sun.
Handicap Accessible
2 Steps up / no ramp

The Rebel Studio (photos)
North Gig Harbor
Phone: (253) 225-4725